Stop Screen Recording after Hiding the Screen Record Button

When I record tutorials for teachers and students, I don’t like to have the screen sharing button that shows up on the bottom of the screen. I’ve hidden it, but now I don’t know how to stop the recording. Anyone know the answer? Thanks. :slight_smile:


I do that as well. When you’re done, click on the little notifications icon in the bottom right of your screen. It’s a circle with a number in it. That’ll make the option for you to stop recording pop up on the upper right. Hope that helps!

Great question @tina.rosen I’ve run into this issue too. Sometimes it ends up in another tab and can be hard to find. Thanks for the tip @denise.dupuis :pray:

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I cannot find the notifications icon anywhere on my screen. I saw the picture of it but I can’t see it. Can you help?? Thanks


@Kari Were you able to work this out? Here to help!

I’m having the same issue. I cannot find anyway to stop the recording once I start it and hide the Sharing button. I end up having to close the tab, which then erases the recording. It is very frustrating.

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Hey Phillip! I tend to use Chrome browser and was struggling to begin with until I realized that the Stop sharing button shows up on another window. Using my Windows as my OS, If I hover over my Chrome icon in the task bar I am able to see all of my open windows. I can select the Stop Sharing window and bring it to the front so I can stop sharing. Once I realized this, life was much better!

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Thanks for the tip! :star_struck:

On a Chromebook, it’s hard to find the confirmation window you refer to. I see it on my desktop. I see it when I first prompt to record on the CB (and share my tab or screen) but then it’s hidden. Is there a manual command to stop the recording? Or perhaps can you drag it to the top of the window?

It’s so frustrating…