Stop Screen Recording after Hiding the Screen Record Button

When I record tutorials for teachers and students, I don’t like to have the screen sharing button that shows up on the bottom of the screen. I’ve hidden it, but now I don’t know how to stop the recording. Anyone know the answer? Thanks. :slight_smile:


I do that as well. When you’re done, click on the little notifications icon in the bottom right of your screen. It’s a circle with a number in it. That’ll make the option for you to stop recording pop up on the upper right. Hope that helps!

Great question @tina.rosen I’ve run into this issue too. Sometimes it ends up in another tab and can be hard to find. Thanks for the tip @denise.dupuis :pray:


I cannot find the notifications icon anywhere on my screen. I saw the picture of it but I can’t see it. Can you help?? Thanks


@Kari Were you able to work this out? Here to help!

I’m having the same issue. I cannot find anyway to stop the recording once I start it and hide the Sharing button. I end up having to close the tab, which then erases the recording. It is very frustrating.

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Hey Phillip! I tend to use Chrome browser and was struggling to begin with until I realized that the Stop sharing button shows up on another window. Using my Windows as my OS, If I hover over my Chrome icon in the task bar I am able to see all of my open windows. I can select the Stop Sharing window and bring it to the front so I can stop sharing. Once I realized this, life was much better!


Thanks for the tip! :star_struck:

On a Chromebook, it’s hard to find the confirmation window you refer to. I see it on my desktop. I see it when I first prompt to record on the CB (and share my tab or screen) but then it’s hidden. Is there a manual command to stop the recording? Or perhaps can you drag it to the top of the window?

It’s so frustrating…

It is February 2021 (for reference) I do not see the stop button on any tab and I do not have a notifications circle on my bottom right corner. Wish I could include a screen shot but I don’t know how. I would love for there to be an easy way to be able to hide that little bar from my recordings, but also be able to stop recording when I’m done. For now I just record on screen castify and then import the recording… That is my personal solution, would love a WeVideo solution though

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I just lost a 1-hour recording because of this problem. I was planning to dual-teach my periods 3 and 4 today by giving my advanced students a recording to follow while I teach a different topic to students not intending to progress in comp sci. The 1-hour video I spent my entire planning period preparing and recording was lost because I hit Hide on the pop-up window that also includes the Stop Recording button. I’m using Chrome on a Mac, found this thread and realize that the notifications seem only to apply to Windows (screenshot from Denise Dupuis in April 2020). This problem has plagued me before but I’ve only lost up to 10 minutes of video, not an entire hour without time to recover. I consider it unconscionable for WeVideo not to rectify this problem that puts users at such risk of losing their work.

Hi Michael, I have used WeVideo through Chrome on my Mac. When I click the “hide” button, I see that it minimizes that small pop-up window down and becomes an additional Chrome icon in my dock, to the left of my trash. When I want to stop recording I click on that new icon in the dock and it pops back up and I can access the stop sharing button. I hope this helps.

On my laptop computer, the stop recording button shows up as a seperate open browser on the bottom of the screen, It looks like Chrome is opened twice. I just click on the buttom and can stop recording. I hope this helps if you are using a laptop and not a Chromebook.